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Technical specification for heat sink extrusion

Date:2016-09-10 15:01:00 From: Browsing times:
        A high density, for the teeth and tongue than large mold test, the first bar must be 150-200mm short aluminum rod or pure aluminum rod. Two, before the trial mode, you must adjust the extrusion center, extrusion axis, spindle tube and die base out of the material in a center line. Three, in the test mode and the normal production process, the aluminum rod heating temperature to ensure that between 480-520. Four, mold heating temperature according to the conventional mold temperature, control at about 480 degrees Celsius, the diameter of 200mm below the level of heat preservation time shall not be less than 2 hours, if it is a shunt mode Heat preservation in more than 3 hours; diameter greater than 200mm of the mold insulation 4-6 hours, to ensure that the mold core temperature and the external temperature of the uniform. Five, in the test mode or before production, must use clean cleaning pad ingot holding cylinder liner, and check whether the normal operation of empty extrusion machine. Six, trial production mode or the beginning, turn off the automatic machine extrusion, each switch is zero. From the minimum pressure began to slowly from the pressure, the material is about 3-5 minutes, aluminum filling process is mainly controlled by good pressure. Pressure control in the 100Kg/cm2, the current meter data is less than 2-3A, the general 80-120Kg/cm2 can be expected, after which can be slowly accelerated, normal production pressure to pressure less than 120 Kg/cm2. Seven, the mold in the test or production process, such as the discovery of blocking, partial tooth, the speed deviation is too large and so on, should immediately stop, and in order to point out the way to remove the mold, avoid die. Eight, in the test mode or in the production process, the outlet must be smooth, cushion or fixture according to the discharging situation of the slack. At any time to observe the abnormal situation, timely treatment, the stop should be immediately shut down. Nine, straightening process, to be carefully detected before and after the change, the operating norms, the appropriate force, and strictly protect the quality of products. Ten, in accordance with the production planning requirements of a reasonable scale, sawing, the saw tooth feed speed can not be too fast, to avoid injuring the end, the end must be pliers, remove the fly edge and burr. Eleven, the basket should be standardized, including the pad to be placed reasonable, to avoid damage to the section. Twelve, profile aging temperature control at 190 + 5 degrees, heat insulation 2.5-4 hours, after the cooling.

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