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Buy a light bulb "lumen" or lighting standard

Date:2016-09-07 15:03:00 From: Browsing times:
         For more than a century, buy a light bulb is a fairly straightforward and clear transactions -- people from the packaging marked tile to determine to buy what kind of bulb. But the United States from the beginning of this year to implement a new policy - the brightness as a measure of the next generation of light bulbs standard, may change the minds of consumers buy a long time to buy light bulbs on the number of watts of common sense.
        It is reported that the U.S. Federal Trade Commission proposed, all of the bulb packaging need to reflect the brightness of the lumen (unit of luminous flux) on the front, the number of tiles under consumption ". The energy consumption of lighting packaging should also appear on the bulbs each year is about how many, cold or warm light bulb life and strength, it will apply to the traditional incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp and light emitting diode (LED) lamp.
        "This means that the future will no longer be the measure of the wattage lighting illumination standards." China Institute of Metrology one surnamed Li experts said that this approach to help people choose the appropriate lighting brightness, so that people don't think about is how many watts bulb, low wattage bulbs for manufacturers to produce more and more such as. At the same time, from the perspective of the quality of light bulbs, but also have a more objective way of measuring.
New measurement way more reflected energy saving
        Vice chairman of China Lighting Association and the Secretary General Chen said that the China lighting and other lighting products, has been number of watts and mark lamp lumens, is different, the wattage marked in a conspicuous location, larger fonts, the new policy of the United States and North American countries, will be marked this unit of lumen referred to a more important position, the lighting product label and logo impact. "The same wattage, lumens may be different. In general, the higher the number of lumens of light bulb, energy saving effect is better." He explained, referring to the number of lumens to buy Lamps, consumers can more intuitively clear effect of energy saving lamp.
        Photometric measurement from the backstage to the front, this seemingly insignificant change, but for energy-saving lamps to replace incandescent lamps to create the conditions, but also for the country to promote energy-saving emission reduction has played a role model.
        It is understood that the concept in daily life, people often talk about the "light bulb" or "off", in fact refers to the light emitted light onto an object, which reflected by the object into the human "bright" feeling. This "bright" feeling in the photometry is called luminous flux, luminous flux is "bright", "dark" luminous flux, luminous flux measurement unit is called lumen. That is to say, the number of lumens bright and dark small lumen.
With the halogen tungsten lamp, three fluorescent lamp, compact fluorescent lamp (commonly known as energy-saving lamps, metal halide lamps) emerge, satisfy the fruit to buy according to the lamp lumens, then the number of lumens of substandard products will be on sale only No one shows any interest in, or. This shows that the market needs of modern lighting according to the idea of buying lumens." Professor Li said.
Mr. Chen expressed different views, he believes that although the United States and Canada, North America new lighting units have been implemented, but at present in Europe, Asia and other regions, still use the traditional wattage metering method, especially in Europe, the decisive influence on the global lighting industry, therefore, the future of the lumen in the end whether it will spread all over the world, still have to watch and wait.
According to statistics, the United States is a country with 4 billion 400 million lamp socket, the lamp holder (by 300 million people per capita) is 14.7, the global population of nearly 7 billion, according to the American 1/5 lamp quantity calculation, lamp holder the world will be as high as 20 billion 200 million only. If the lumen of this new unit of measurement, influence on the significance of energy saving lamps and industrial development will be very far-reaching.
        They all think that, after nearly a hundred years of propaganda, the concept of wattage is very popular in the whole society, so the new concept of universal lumen, must from the propaganda to start, it will be a difficult task. Should start from the standards, determine the lumens' job'." Li Jianyi, jointly organized by the Ministry of Commerce and the State General Administration of quality supervision, the establishment of a joint working group, is responsible for the organization and coordination of China's production, sale and export of various light bulbs. Determine the content of the new label, the promulgation of the implementation of the new label time, replace the incandescent lamp (40~100W) of the time limit, etc.. At the same time, organize relevant experts to write table and the number of lumens lamp wattage and relevant information, so that consumers in the selection of lamps and lighting designers have reference.
        Insiders pointed out that, after the implementation of the lumen measurement on the one hand, the lighting product quality, can be directly compared, there is conducive to enhance the purification of product quality and consumption environment; on the other hand, forcing companies to pay more attention to energy-saving lighting products performance and quality, is conducive to industrial upgrading.
        I believe, after about a year of effort, the incandescent lamp, halogen lamp, energy-saving lamps and LED lamps and packing all the updates for the new label dominates lumens, after 3~5 years, the incandescent lamp energy-saving lamps or LED lights to replace the commonly used wattage, most consumers will be used to buy a lamp on the "lumen".


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