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Date:2016-09-11 11:29:00 From: Browsing times:
 Dear customer friend:
        On the occasion of the Mid Autumn Festival, on behalf of Kaiyuan electronic staff said the most sincere wishes and thanks to you! Thank you for your support and affirmation!
        Over the years, the company in the pursuit of excellence, integrity management, the return of social spiritual power, development innovation, forge ahead, to achieve the "Chinese dream" and "enterprise dream" with hard work and dedication. The company's strong R & D center provides more than 40 of its own patented technology for the enterprise, the expert research team of more than and 100 people, has with many domestic universities and research institutions to achieve win-win cooperation, production, learning and research development management system. Through enterprise resource planning and other international advanced management mode, the group into a science and technology, benefit, people, quality, service for the sustainable development of the outstanding scientific and technological innovation enterprise.
         The company passed the ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification, ISO14001:2004 environmental management system certification, TS/16949 quality system certification was awarded "Weifang enterprise technology center" and "Shandong semiconductor lighting engineering technology center", "China patent Shandong star enterprise", "Shandong famous brand" title.
        Create green wealth, happiness construction enterprises, the core value of the company adhering to the "respect for the individual, the fear of customers" concept, developing all kinds of new products, in the premise of guarantee the quality of the maximum mass production, to achieve the customer and the relentless pursuit of maximizing the interests of the community.
        The source of drinking water, we know that you are our source of power development of trust and support. On the occasion of the Mid Autumn Festival, I sincerely wish you:
        Every year you want such as the full moon, everything was on your heart!
        People perfect conjugal bliss comfortable, good luck in everything from xing!
        Shandong Kaiyuan Electronic Co., Ltd.
        Two, 16 September


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Address:Wenzhou Industrial Park, Changle County, Shandong


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