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Personnel Policy

        ChangLe kaiyuan electronic co., LTD is registered in 2000 in accordance with the modern enterprise mechanism of joint-stock company. Company has a high-quality staff team, strict and orderly system of scientific management, innovative and flexible way of marketing. In 2002 passed the ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification, in 2005 passed the ISO14001:2004 environmental management system certification,the company has the self-management import and export rights in 2006.
        The company is located in the town of wenzhou industrial park,it covers an area of more than 6 square meters, factory building area covers 30000 square meters, fixed assets is 40 million yuan; It has 360 staff. It consists of five processing workshop, all kinds of stamping, die-casting, machining, surface treatment are more than 160 sets of equipment, formed a set of mould processing, profile extrusion, precision casting, aluminum, cold, salt, surface treatment, such as one-stop processing chain. New product design, development and manufacture ability. 200 million production radiator and the cold stamping parts, various materials 3000 tons, 6000 tons of precision casting aluminum. Heat sinks and cold stamping 80 million pieces of various materials 3000 tons, 2000 tons of precision casting aluminum. Mainly for the TVS, monitors, air conditioners, washing machines, microwave ovens, LED lighting manufacturers, such as high-power semiconductor devices supporting the electronic radiator, aluminum alloy precision castings for various engine, etc.
High-quality staff, modern enterprise management of rapid response mechanisms, and thoughtful after-sales service and scientific management, processing and service experience for many years is ChangLe kaiyuan electronic co., LTD., the basis of sincere cooperation with you, is willing to work with people from all walks of life hand in hand, create a better future!
        Company for the expansion of production scale, be badly in need of a large number of management personnel and skilled workers:
1, production management, logistics management personnel: several, relevant working experience is preferred, treatment negotiable.
2, mechanical design, mechanical processing personnel 20 people, any male, female, age 18 ~ 35 years old;
3, numerical control personnel: 10 people, college degree or above, electrical automation, numerical control lathe related majors;
4, die-casting industry: 50 people, male, age 18 ~ 35 years old;
5, punch press, 80, sexs, age 16 to 45 one full year of life;
6, packing: 20, female, age 16 ~ 40 years old;
7, mould worker: 10 people, male, age 16 ~ 35 years old.
        The above staff probation is a month,offer to eat and to live; After the obtainment of the job monthly salary is 1200 yuan to 3000 yuan.
Add:Wenzhou Industrial Park,changle,shandong


Address:Wenzhou Industrial Park, Changle County, Shandong


Mission:Create green wealth to build a happy enterprise

Core values:Customer value struggle is the focus of this

Four traits:加拿大28app下载Enthusiastic attention Houde innovation


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